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Tickets To A Romantic Evening

Buying tickets is one of the most popular activities online. And taking your lover to an event that has special significance to him or her can be the best romantic gift idea of all.

icehouse in concert

Elsa's husband Tom had grown up in a strictly religious home and was forbidden to listen to pop music, the 'work of the devil'. One of his neighbors was a fan of the Rolling Stones, and Tom could often hear the latest Stones album as he sat his upper story bedroom doing his homework.

Years later he bought every Stones album, as well as an extensive collection of all the music he missed in his youth. When Elsa heard that the Stones were doing a tour that included the city where they lived, she secretly purchased tickets. She told Tom they were going to an art exhibit in the same area, so he had no idea of their true destination.

On the night of the concert, Tom was surprised when they pulled into the parking lot of the venue. It was at that moment that he realised what Elsa had done for him. The concert was a fantastic experience for both of them as the entire audience stood on their seats and partied along with Mick and the boys. Tom was overcome with emotion, and still loves to tell the story of how Elsa fulfilled his childhood dream.
If your partner has a similar fantasy, find a way to fulfil it. It might be an event they wish to experience or a place they'd love to go. Do some research online and consider how you can make it happen. For more ideas on this gift idea, visit our page on Creating the Perfect Day.

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