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The Star Registry

Star Registries offer a unique service. For a small fee you can select a minor star in any constellation and name it after someone you love. This is an excellent romantic gift for an anniversary, a milestone birthday or other special occasion.

Here's our understanding of how this works.

The eligible stars are currently unnamed but each has a designated number. The Star Registry records the star's new name in their records, and the star is no longer available for purchase by anyone else. The name change is not an official one; the astronomical community will still reference these stars by their numbers. The Star Registry issues a certificate with the star's new name and the location coordinates. You can phone your local planetarium and ask if the staff is willing to arrange a sighting of the newly named star in their telescope.


A friend of ours is a big fan of the Star Registry. Here is her experience with the service:

I've given stars to three men in my life. The first one was to my closest friend, someone who stood by me through some very turbulent times. I had the certificate framed and presented it to him on his birthday, and he absolutely loved it.

Later I had a star named after my father on his sixtieth birthday. He hung the framed certificate in a prominent place on the dining room wall. He's very proud of the fact that he has his own star in the constellation of Leo (his star sign), and has great fun explaining the concept to his friends and family.

Finally, on our first wedding anniversary, I had a star named after my husband. He, too, loved the gift and hung the framed certificate in his den.

I don't buy a star lightly. The recipient must be someone I consider a real 'star' in my life. And I love how this gift lets them know how I feel about them.
So if there's someone special in your life who has a milestone birthday or event coming up, consider getting him or her a star. Just be sure to allow enough time for the documention and certificate to arrive before the big day.

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