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Gifts For The Sports Lover

Sports fans come in all shapes and sizes, and have varying degrees of involvement in their sport. We've divided them into three categories, which can be helpful when deciding what gifts to buy. And while you might not consider a sporting accessory to be a romantic gift, your passionate sports lover may see it as one of their best gifts ever.

windsurfing at surfers paradise

Here are the three types of sports fans:

1. The Armchair Athlete

This person loves watching sport from the comfort of their own living room or a stool at the local sports bar.

What this sports fan might appreciate:
  • A new large screen television to see the games in all their glory
  • A new recording device to capture the events when he or she can't watch them live
  • A portable listening device to hear games while driving
  • Tickets to a live game
  • Memorabilia or sports collectibles
  • A book on his or her favorite sporting hero
  • A quality magazine on the sport
2. The Weekend Warrior

This person actually plays a sport on an amateur basis. He or she may get together with fellow players on the weekend for a ball game, or belong to some neighborhood league. Or he or she may enjoy non-competitive sports like skiing, surfing, scuba diving or fishing.

What this fan might appreciate:
  • New equipment to replace items that are worn (footballs, basketballs, baseballs, tennis balls, cricket balls, bats, tennis rackets, golf clubs, skis, surfboards, surf skis, fishing rods, scuba gear)
  • New sports clothing and accessories
  • New sports shoes
  • Accessories (tackle boxes, beach towels, drinks coolers)
  • Training equipment (barbells, hand weights, exercise machines)
  • Instructional DVDs or lessons to improve their game
  • Plus all the items mentioned in the previous list.
3. The Sports Professional

This person actually plays the sport on a professional basis.

For this fan, perhaps the best gifts involve taking a break from the pressures of the sport.
  • Indulgent romantic evenings at home
  • Mini romantic getaways to a low-key vacation spot
  • Spa vacations
  • Gifts related to their other interests
Perhaps your armchair athlete enjoyed a sport in high school but let it slide to the wayside as adult responsibilities took over. You might like find a way of reintroducing the activity into your partner's life, even if it's in a small way. You could check out programs at your local gym or community center, find out what lessons are available locally, or research vacation destinations that offer some of the these activities. Naturally, you need to make sure your partner's health is up to the task before you instigate any increased physical exertion.

Here is a short list of some of the most popular sports:

Baseball Basketball Cricket Football
Biking Dirt Bikes Mountain Bikes MotorCycles
Boating Canoeing Kayaking Fishing
Boxing Wrestling Weight Lifting Martial Arts
Car Racing Hot Rods Motorcross Demolition
Flying Gliding Hang Gliding Parachuting
Golf Hockey Ice Hockey Ice Skating
Hiking Walking Jogging Running
Horse Racing Harness Racing Polo Water Polo
Hunting Shooting Paintball Rodeo Riding
Snow Skiing Cross Country Snowboarding Snowmobiles
Surfing Windsurfing Water Skiing Jetskiing
Tennis Volleyball Kiteboarding Rockclimbing

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