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Tips for Planning Romantic Weddings Abroad

When it comes to planning romantic weddings abroad, there are a few things all couples need to keep in mind. After all, destination weddings require not only yourself but also your guests to travel out of their way to share your big day with you. The least you can do is to keep their interests in mind while planning things out.

1. Costs

For a romantic wedding abroad, you'll need to plan on spending money for your attendants' accommodations, and while you aren't expected to pay for the flights and rooms of your other guests, you are expected to inquire after group rates and make reservations so that everyone has a place to stay when they arrive. Be flexible, and work with the availability of the guests you absolutely must have there. Don't demand things of anyone – after all, you're the couple who has decided to get married in another country.

2. Destinations

Some of the most popular romantic wedding spots abroad are places like Mexico, Italy, or a beach in Jamaica or the Caribbean. Each of these countries will have very specific requirements that you need to follow in order to get married, so it's a good idea to learn this before nailing down exactly where you want to go. After all, even if you've wanted to get married on a beach in an obscure country for your whole life, if there are residency laws that state you need to have lived in that country for 6 months before you can marry there, you'll probably have to re-think your plan.

3. Legal Requirements

Make sure you have the most up-to-date information on marriage requirements for each country. This will require you to phone the destination's official tourism office – that's the office directly affiliated with the country's government – to ask for the latest information. Romantic weddings abroad aren't all that romantic if the couple returns home only to find that their marriage isn't recognized in their own homeland.

4. Additional Considerations

Romantic weddings abroad, while they will certainly reduce the amount of planning that you'd have to do at home, still require you to ask the right questions and be sure of what you're getting yourself into. Find out whether your destination has access to wedding services such as wedding planners, a photographer, florists, caterers, and so on. Find out how large the facilities are, and if there are group discounts for large parties. Most of all, take advantage of any resort packages or specials that may be offered. Many resorts in Mexico have all-inclusive wedding packages that take care of everything for you, right down to the witnesses and hair appointments if you need them.

5. Final Touches

Finally, plan to arrive a few days early at your destination, and be sure to treat your guests with overwhelming hospitality and generosity while there. Leave a gift in their rooms to show your appreciation, and thank them for coming. Your wedding's romance certainly can't flourish unless your guests are happy, so do your best to be a gracious couple.

Romantic weddings abroad may seem complicated, but they are possible. Destination weddings can be just as memorable – and just as romantic – as any wedding held back home. And on your wedding day, romance is what it's all about.