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Looking for Romantic Places to Elope?

Why would you look into romantic places to elope? Well, for most women, planning their Big Day and getting married is something they've dreamed about since they were a little girl… but sometimes, when the diamond ring hits the finger, things don't go as smoothly as they did in her dreams. The people, the pressures, the plans… a wedding can be a lot of hassle and very stressful, and for a busy couple, sometimes this just isn't realistic.

Fortunately, there is a solution – something that can take away all those complicated plans and expectations, and make getting married about just the two of you. Forget about catering to everyone else's expectations – why not elope to a romantic destination instead? It costs less, is just as memorable, and ultimately can be just as romantic.

Consider some of these top romantic places to elope – many of them even have special 'elope wedding' packages for couples to ensure the big day is just as beautiful and memorable as any months-planned affair.

Las Vegas – The #1 Romantic Place to Elope

While it may be considered the cliché destination for eloping, Las Vegas can truly be a romantic wedding option for you and your beloved. There are eons of choices: a traditional chapel, theme ceremonies, or even a dramatic drive-through chapel. No matter what you choose, a Las Vegas elopement can cost as little as $300 or as much as several thousand – it's up to you.

One of the most romantic places to elope to in Las Vegas is Mandalay Bay, where you can choose from a simple, elegant ceremony, or a slightly larger marriage package. This traditionally comes with a pianist, champagne, dinner for two and a night in a fabulous honeymoon suite. Even the chapels in Mandalay Bay sing romance: several chapels with chandeliers and classical French décor sit on the glowing shores of an exotic, tropical lagoon.

Hawaii – Elopement on Paradise Shores

Hawaii is an incredibly romantic choice for couples looking to elope. Why? Because no matter where you go on the islands, you're surrounded with sun and sand. A romantic beach wedding in Hawaii is just like eloping to paradise, and because Hawaii is a popular wedding destination, there are many romantic beach wedding options to choose from.

Perhaps consider a beach wedding on the shores of Hawaii's Kauai Island, where couples can participate in traditional Hawaiian marriage rites, honoring and blessing both those who are present and family or friends who are with you in spirit. You'll enjoy a sunset dinner on the beach and a night in a seaside condo. Or perhaps consider a quiet ceremony at Waikiki beach, making your vows under swaying palms and complimented by champagne and two nights accommodation on the gorgeous Hawaiian shores.

Niagara Falls, Canada – Get Married in the US Honeymoon Capital

One of the most romantic places to elope is also one of the most popular places to honeymoon. The incredible rolling falls of Niagara Falls is a gorgeous setting to profess your love to each other, and why not take it even a step further and get married as close to the falls as you can – the Grand Lady Cruise ship offers wedding ceremonies against the backdrop of a clear blue sky and glistening waters.

If you and your romantic partner choose Niagara Falls for your elopement, the Grand Lady Cruise shop can be yours for two hours, along with a champagne toast for 50 guests and a civil ceremony performed by the Captain himself! This way, you can elope and let as many or as few people know about it as you'd like – it's your wedding. Niagara Falls also has several smaller chapel options for a more private romantic event.

If you're looking to secretly requite your love, any one of these romantic places to elope will make your day as perfect and as beautiful as your big day should be.