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A Romantic Picnic Idea

When searching for a romantic picnic idea, people usually focus on place. 'Where can we go that's romantic?' is the main question they ask themselves. And we agree that location can make or break a romantic picnic outing. Who can forget that 'romantic' picnic that was shattered when the family from hell set up camp close by? Or that perfect picnic spot on the cliff top where you clutched your paper plates and napkins, buffeted by gale force winds?

But here's another approach that adds a novel experience to the romantic picnic recipe. Start with a suitable location, include some fabulous food and drink, then shift your focus away from the landscape and discover a new perspective. Jacqueline Jackson tells us how in her article titled Find Fascinating Shapes in The Sky:

Drift back in time to when you were a child and remember how much fun you had looking for shapes in the clouds.

Plan a romantic picnic with your loved one. Bring a blanket to spread out on the ground. Lay back and watch the clouds float by. Start a journal and record the different shapes you see and the fun things you did that day. A journal filled with memories of the great times in your lives is priceless.

At you can find some fun things to turn cloud watching into a romantic hobby. Use their discovery notebook as your journal, get tips on photography, and look at the cloud atlas or cloud formation chart.
What an excellent way to unwind.

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