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The Best Romantic Honeymoon Vacations

There are so many choices when it comes to romantic honeymoon vacations that sometimes the task of settling on just one place to visit can be both exciting and stressful. The truth is, what may seem romantic to you might not be romantic for your spouse-to-be – so you're going to have to compromise! Perhaps choose a location that seems suitable for the two of you, and then take turns choosing activities. Or perhaps one of you can choose the destination while the other chooses the hotel or resort – work together, and learn from each other's interests. In fact, this exercise in compromise might be good practice for when you actually tie the knot….

Romantic Honeymoon Vacations 1 : Exotic Locales

Traveling to a far-away location will certainly cost you a pretty penny, and this isn't always what couples can afford after they've just spent money on their wedding! However, if the two of you are fortunate enough to be able to plan the ultimate romantic honeymoon and want to travel overseas, think about which country the two of you would most enjoy. Try each writing down your top three destinations, and then compare notes – is there one place you both chose?

Exotic locales also give you the opportunity to try some once-in-a-lifetime things, such as picnicking on a secluded beach in Australia's Bedarra Island, or sleeping under the stars at one of Thailand's hidden beach coves. Why not rent a honeymoon cottage in Fiji, and spend your days exploring the native landscape and relaxing on a private terrace?

Romantic Honeymoon Vacations 2: Keeping Active

Perhaps you want to get away, but sitting around on the beach and sun tanning isn't your idea of romance – if you're a more active couple who really enjoys doing things together, why not take a visit to the Caribbean and do some scuba diving? Swim with the fish, or go snorkeling and marvel at the beautiful, tropical reefs in Australia. Or if you're more inclined toward colder weather, rent a secluded cabin in the Alps, keep each other warm and spend some time skiing!

There are also many romantic honeymoon vacation options closer to home – you might consider camping in the Rockies and spending dreamy nights together under the stars. Mountain biking, hiking, and trail walking are also excellent activities to keep you active and enjoying your time together as newly-weds.

Romantic Honeymoon Vacations 3: Cultural Delights

Are the two of you more inclined toward taking in the historical sights? Visiting museums and art galleries, or enjoying culinary delicacies at exquisite restaurants and jazz clubs? In this case, you might think about traveling to one of Europe's culture-rich cities, such as Rome, Florence, or Amsterdam. There are many more places to go and things to see here than you could ever do in one visit, so the two of you may want to take turns choosing your activities.

There are also many romantic cities in North America worth considering for your honeymoon: Chicago is loaded with museums and art galleries, while Vancouver is noted for its continuing contribution to the arts! New York City is always an excellent choice with its many galleries and live Broadway shows and concerts, while Miami's nightlife would provide constant entertainment for honeymooners looking to get out on the town together.

Choosing one place out of all the romantic honeymoon vacations that you can think of is daunting, but essentially your choice should come down to a few key things: it should reflect who you are as a couple, it should be a place where you can enjoy each other's company, and it should be a trip that you can look back on for many, many years and remember the sense of joy and excitement you had when you were first married.