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Renew Your Love With These Romantic Anniversary Ideas

You've been together long enough to have an anniversary, and whether it's your first, third, tenth, twenty-fifth or fiftieth – it's something worth celebrating! And what better way than to celebrate by taking a little trip together for a few days? There are many travel-related romantic anniversary ideas – why not relive those romantic moments from your honeymoon by running off together to someplace special?

Romantic Anniversary Idea #1: Bed & Breakfast Weekend

Bed and breakfast romantic anniversary idea
A romantic bed and breakfast

Most bed & breakfasts offer excellent weekend packages, and these little inns tend to cater to couples who are looking for some time for romantic renewal. Choose a bed & breakfast that reflects the two of you – a nature-inspired inn, a country inn, a spa & massage therapy inn, or perhaps something Victorian. Think about what you might like to do on a weekend off together, and choose your bed & breakfast based on your interests.

Then, make sure the place you've chosen is far enough away from home that you won't be tempted to rush home and 'check on things', and also far enough that people won't be tempted to seek you out. You want time alone together. Make the anniversary weekend about just the two of you – you might even let the inn know that this is a special trip when booking. Perhaps they'll have some suggestions as to which meals to order, or which room you might like to book.

Romantic Anniversary Idea #2: Take in the Falls

Niagara Falls romantic anniversary idea
Niagara Falls

If you live far from Niagara Falls, this romantic anniversary idea may not be practical. However, Niagara Falls is the honeymoon capital of Canada, which means that if anyone knows about romantic getaways, it's the service industry at the Falls. There are many excellent Niagara Falls weekend getaway packages, specifically designed for couples looking to keep the flame alive or renew their love in some way. In many cases, your biggest expense will simply be the airfares.

With package deals like 2 nights accommodation, a romantic horse-drawn carriage ride, breakfast, a scrumptious dinner for 2 at one of Niagara's excellent restaurants, and tickets to several of Niagara's fantastic attractions – all in one package, and there are many varieties of this to choose from – you can be certain you're getting an unbelievable deal. Plus, just visiting the Falls is romantic enough in itself: some even claim the calming waters and ethereal mist work as a natural aphrodisiac.

   Romantic Anniversary Idea #3: A Beach Renewal

Beach romantic anniversary idea
A romantic beach destination

Although this romantic anniversary idea may be better suited for couples who've been married for some itme, the idea of renewing one's vows really isn't limited to any one age-range. When it comes to ultimate romance, what better setting is there than re-professing your eternal love for each other, standing on the beach as soft breezes tickle your neck as the sand slides between your toes… in fact, this would even work well as a surprise anniversary idea. Buy the plane tickets well ahead of time – or pack bags for the two of you – and drive or fly to the beach of your choice.

Many beach resorts have excellent anniversary packages that include a little seaside vow renewal ceremony. Accommodation in a beachfront cabin, and a private dinner are included. Sip a delicious cocktail as you watch the sunset from the beach, while you revel in the delight of renewed eternal love.