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Sexy Lingerie For The Plus Size Woman

Sexy lingerie for the plus size woman is more readily available today than ever before. Thanks goodness we've moved beyond the idea that only a slim young woman can be sexually attractive. As a result, plus size clothing and lingerie now offer the same excellent quality and style that's always been available in the smaller sizes. If you haven't experienced it recently, shopping for sexy lingerie for the plus size woman can be a revelation.

Plus size women are reclaiming their positions as vibrant, attractive women despite the excessive thinness of the current crop of models. And when you consider it, they definitely have history on their side. In previous centuries a woman with curves was considered the feminine ideal, and it's never more obvious than in the paintings of nudes by the Old Masters. As recently as the 1950s, female sex symbols like Marilyn Monroe and Sophia Loren gave meaning to the term “all woman”.

So if you're a woman who's endowed with feminine curves, celebrate the fact in your choice of clothing and colors, and indulge yourself with some sexy lingerie. Even if you're not pleased with every aspect of your body – and what woman is – it's easy to disguise what you don't like and make the most of what you do.

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Recommended Plus Size Lingerie Sites

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