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How To Create Your Partner's Perfect Day

Most people have a passion for at least one subject, and marketing gurus sometimes label the most fervent enthusiasts as “oholics”, as in workaholic or chocoholic. These people are addicted to any information or input on their subject, whether it's popular music, sports, self-help, new age topics or one of the endless interests and hobbies that human beings get involved with.

If your partner falls into this category, selecting gifts becomes a relatively simple task. Once you know your partner's passion, you have a guaranteed way to create a perfect outing for him or her. You need to discover the kinds of events that cater to fans of this subject.

perfect day rock concert

Sports, music and movies, or any form of entertainment, are easy. Just locate an event that features his or her favorite stars or players, line up some tickets - in secret, of course - and you've set the scene for a wonderful day or evening. Organize a meal, either before or afterwards, and you're sure to give your partner a time to remember.

Other areas are less cut and dried, but they usually don't present an insurmountable problem. Here are some examples of how to indulge your sweetheart's passion in different areas:

A Book Lover

  1. Organize a visit to a book signing by her favorite author.

  2. Buy him a collection of books by his favorite author.

  3. Take her to a film of her favorite book (or rent the video).

  4. Take him to a television taping where his author is being interviewed.

  5. Buy her a new bookcase to house her favorite books, then spend the evening with her helping her to stack the shelves (followed by wine and pizza).

  6. Buy him a $100 gift voucher from his favorite bookstore, and then take him on a book-shopping spree, followed by a romantic dinner.

  7. Take her to a book fair or exhibition, whether it's local or in another city.

  8. Buy him a subscription to a good quality magazine for book lovers.

A New Age Fan

  1. Find out him favorite new age authors, then follow the relevant suggestions for book lovers (see above).

  2. Visit some new age books stores and quiz a few sales assistants on their most popular products. Buy her a stunning set of tarot or angel cards, a dolphin figurine, crystal bookends, a dream catcher, a pyramid or aromatherapy candle, or any other item that you know she'll appreciate. If she collects any of these, find something special to add to her collection.

  3. Treat her to a weekend event such as a new age expo, and accompany her only if you'll enjoy it and won't put a damper on her enthusiasm.

A Nature Enthusiast

  1. Organize a trip to some place he's always wanted to go: a national park, a theme park, a whale watching expedition or a group hiking trip.

  2. Buy her a membership to a relevant organization like The Sierra Club, which offers information and activities for members.

  3. Purchase a subscription to one of the top magazines in the field.
All these areas have certain features in common:
  1. No matter what your partner's interest, there will always be leaders in that field that serve as mentors to him or her. Find a way to see them in person, either at a talk or a performance.

  2. There are events organized for enthusiasts, such as workshops, expos, forums, lectures and social events. Present your partner with tickets.

  3. There are places associated to these interests, so organize an excursion for you and your partner. It might be a visit to Graceland for an Elvis fan, a trip to San Francisco for a Sixties buff, National Parks and wilderness areas for nature lovers, or places of historical significance for people with an fascination for the past.

A Generalist

If your lover doesn't fall into the 'oholic' category, how about asking these more general questions:
  1. Is there someone he or she has always wanted to see (or meet)?

  2. Is there some place he or she has always wanted to go?

  3. Is there some thing he or she has always wanted to do?
Find a way to take them there OR...

Bring it on home to them!

Ways To Bring It Home

  1. If it's not practical to take her to Graceland for her 30th birthday, how about creating an Elvis-themed costume party and inviting all her friends?

  2. If her favorite author isn't including your town on his book tour, how about a videotaped interview, along with his latest bestseller?

  3. If you can't get tickets to the play starring her favorite actor, how about organizing a video extravaganza at home featuring his best films?

    (By the way, did you know you can phone or write to his agent and request an autographed photo, preferably addressed to her personally?)

You basically get the picture. With a little imagination you can feed your lover's fantasies in unexpected ways. And come out looking like a hero.

Recommended Sites

To find sites that cater to your partner's passion, you'll need to do a search on Google or Yahoo. The following affiliate web sites can help you organize a relevant event: