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Writing A Love Letter

Sometimes it's difficult to put your feelings into words, especially if you're not comfortable with expressing your innermost thoughts verbally.

Some people have no problem saying exactly what's on their minds, but not everyone has that skill. So putting your thoughts on paper can be a useful and rewarding process for both you and the person you share the results with. The key is to give yourself some privacy and avoid putting any time pressure on yourself. The process may seem stilted at first, but soon your thoughts will begin to flow and you'll find yourself letting it all pour through you and onto the page.

And the best thing about writing down your thoughts and feelings is that you can edit them before you show them to anyone else. Not with an aim to deceive, but mainly to be sure that you really got your point across.

There are a number of sites online that will help you compose a love letter. Here are some that may prove useful:

Recommended Love Letter Sites

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