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Sexy Lingerie

While most people realize that sexy lingerie can add spice to their love lives, they may not be aware that it can also make a man or woman feel better about themselves in general.

  • A woman who wears plain and practical underwear under her clothes will generally feel less confident than one whose lingerie matches the quality of her designer outfit.

  • A man who wears boxer shorts under his business suit will not exude the same presence as a man who wears silk briefs.

So if you want to help enhance someone's self image, give him or her a set of good quality, sensual underwear.

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The sexy lingerie market has exploded since Frederick's of Hollywood first opened its doors for business. And thanks to the Internet, you can now purchase an amazing range of sensual lingerie and sleepwear from the privacy of your own home.

We conducted a quick survey of lingerie suppliers and here's what we discovered:

  • What Women Buy For Themselves

    The most popular lingerie items women purchase are:
    • Bra and panty sets
    • Silk chemise nightwear and wrap sets
    • Teddies
    • Baby doll nightwear
    • Body suits
    • Crotchless panties
    • Fantasy costumes including
         - French Maid
         - Wonder Woman
         - Playboy Bunny

  • What Men Buy For Women

    Male customers buy women gifts like

    • Bra and panty sets
    • Silk chemise nightwear and wrap sets
    • Sexy lingerie items

  • The Colors Shoppers Choose

    While black and red are always popular, many lingerie shops also feature seasonal colors. Popular colors for spring and summer include:

    • Pale pink
    • Pale blue
    • And mint green

  • Wearing Sexy Lingerie Is Not Age Dependent

    Contrary to the myth that only the young and gorgeous wear sexy underwear, the storeowners we surveyed assured us that men and women of all ages shop in their lingerie stores.

We recently read a comment by a lingerie site owner who stated:

When men buy sexy lingerie for their lovers, they're really giving a gift for themselves.

While there is an element of truth in that statement, we feel that sexy lingerie is also a gift for the woman who's smart enough to recognize it.

Wearing sexy lingerie can completely alter a woman's self image and therefore her behavior. Here are three more articles on the subject:

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