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How To Turn Your Shy Lover Into A Tigress
. . . With Sexy Lingerie

If you're like most men, you probably have a highly developed response to visual stimuli. Which means you enjoy looking at beautiful women, whether in magazines and walking down the street, in gorgeous clothes and without them. It's also likely that you find women's sexy lingerie very visually appealing. But that doesn't mean the woman in your life is necessarily willing to indulge that preference.

There are a couple of reasons for this. Women, in general, tend to utilize more of their senses at any one time, especially in intimate situations. So while sex may involve a huge visual component for you, your partner is focusing on sights, sounds, touch, taste and smell, all at the same time. She doesn't understand the importance of visual stimuli for you, so she can easily dismiss your request for her to wear sexy lingerie.

But the second reason is probably more important. Most women still live with the culturally imposed expectation that they need to be young and beautiful in order to be desirable. They do daily battle comparing themselves to the impossible standards of beauty offered up in magazines, film and television. So very few women are satisfied with their appearance, and can be very ruthless in identifying and cataloguing their so-called flaws. No matter how often you tell your lover she's beautiful – and you'd better do this at least once a day if you want the relationship to flourish - at some deep level she won't believe you, and will rationalize that you're temporarily blind to her flaws because you love her.

So it's highly unlikely that she'll want to strut around the bedroom in revealing lingerie because she'll feel inadequate wearing it.

Here is one strategy for changing the situation in a slow and non-threatening way.

Start a Small Conspiracy

If you have a reluctant partner who won't indulge your fantasy of seeing her in nothing but high heels and a garter belt, it might be a thought to ease off on the pressure and approach things another way.

Buy your lover some lovely, feminine lingerie from a better quality store like Victoria's Secret. (Forget the crotchless panties for now – that comes later if you practice a little patience.)

Present your gift with no strings attached. Tell her you simply want the pleasure of knowing that she's walking around in those gorgeous little bits of nothing, and that nobody knows about it except you and her. Resist the temptation to ask her to model your gift or you'll be right back to Square One.

Give her other little gifts along the same lines from time to time. And eventually she'll be the one who can't wait to show off her sexy lingerie to you.

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