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Romantic Hobby Ideas

Many of us have interests and hobbies that we enjoy, but sometimes those activities are solitary in nature. This can be a source of friction for a spouse or partner, who feels neglected in favor of the all-consuming hobby or project.

Jackie Jackson has a number of ideas for making hobbies less stressful for the uninitiated partner, and suggests finding ways to share at least part of the activity. Here are Jackie's thoughts on the subject:

fishing buddies

Idea Number 1: Get involved with your partner's hobby

Does your loved one's hobby drive you nuts? By the time you finish reading this article you will have learned fun and interesting ways to add a little romance to your partner's hobby. And you can also find romantic hobbies you can do together.

I know what you're thinking. That stupid hobby drives me nuts! We're always fighting about it. He spends too much time on it. He never gets his honey dos done. And there's always more stuff he has to have! How could I possibly make it romantic?

Why not stop arguing and get involved? Go ahead! Walk into that room that gnaws at you like a silent poison. Take a couple of drinks with you. Sit down, if you can find a chair buried under all that stuff. Stay for awhile and ask questions. Watch him work

While you're in there grab a quick kiss and tell him how much you love him. Or try hugging him from behind while he's showing you his latest creation.

Before you know it he'll come looking for you. You'll find yourself giggling as he excitedly drags you through the house talking the whole way. And you never know what kind of spontaneous things can happen if you catch him when he is feeling pumped-up with pride.

Idea Number 2: Develop a hobby from a shared interest

A man loves a woman who isn't afraid to get a little dirty. My dental assistant restores muscle cars with her husband. As she's working away on my teeth, she keeps me up to date on the latest news. Her eyes sparkle as she tells me what additions they've made to their Corvette and Camaro. How many women do you know who'd be excited about an exhaust system for a Camaro spread out on the living room floor?

They turn car shows into a romantic weekend for two. Away from the children and life's stresses, they work together as a team preparing the car for the show.

She's found a wonderful way to keep their marriage fresh and fun after nineteen years. Each time they bring an award home, they're creating a lasting memory.

Restoring cars may not sound romantic to you. But getting a little greasy might be fun. You'll never know unless you try!

Idea Number 3: Turn his obsession into a romantic adventure

Are you living with an RCoholic? My boyfriend loves to build radio controlled (RC) airplanes. You could call it an obsession and it is. But I'd much rather have him at home working on his hobby that out somewhere doing who knows what.

I love to spend time watching him build his planes. I find it very interesting and always ask a lot of questions. I enjoy learning about what he loves and my interest encourages him to continue in his endeavor. The feeling of accomplishment he gets each time he finishes building one of his planes is worth every minute he spends in his hobby room.

We often take trips to Spokane, a city two hours away, to browse the local hobby store. An overnight stay, sometimes a weekend, in a swanky hotel on Lake Coeur d'Alene turns the trip into a fun, romantic getaway. Occasionally, we'll spend the entire weekend in our room surviving on lots of loving and room service for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

On a previous trip, we took a tour of the lake in an airplane known as a Beaver. It happens to be one of his favorite planes. Talk about romantic! He was thrilled because he got to sit in front with the pilot and wear one of the headsets.

Of course, we took lots of photos and have one of us standing in front of the plane before we took off. This photo now sits in a frame on the entertainment center in the living room. It's a fun story to tell each time someone sees the photo and asks about it. We've created one of those memories we'll never forget. And none of this would have come about if we hadn't taken a trip to the hobby store in Spokane.

Ladies, believe me, I know how time consuming this hobby is, but you can make it fun and romantic. Use your imagination!

About The Author
Jackie Jackson is a freelance copywriter who lives and works in Washington, USA. She can be reached at
For more ideas on sharing your partner's passion, visit our page on Creating The Perfect Day.

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