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Romantic Greeting Cards

A well-designed greeting card is an essential part of gift giving. Obviously the most important aspect of a card is the message it contains, and it's often difficult to find a romantic greeting card that isn't overly cute or sentimental. Sometimes a humorous card is more appropriate than one overflowing with sickly sentimentality.

The best card is one with a message that expresses what we feel about the other person, as well as having an attractive design that complements any gift we might be offering.

But there are occasions when you simply want to send a card by itself, perhaps to let someone know you're thinking of him or her, or to say hello to someone in another part of the country or the world. E-cards can work well in those kinds of situations.

It's often a good idea to purchase greeting cards ahead of time, so you don't have to rush around at the last minute and settle for whatever you can find at short notice. A good policy is to buy attractive or witty cards whenever you come across one, so you'll have one available when you need it. You often can't find that brilliant card you saw last month when you go back to the store at a later date to buy it.

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