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A Romantic Gift For Her

Let's face it. In many ways women are easy to buy for. Most of us love the traditional romantic gifts including

But on the other hand we can be difficult. We know what we like, and we don't want to settle for less. We pay attention to little things, so we appreciate it when you give us a gift in our favorite color, or one that has special meaning.

We love romantic gestures, like poetry, love letters and romantic music. Men often consider us gullible when they see us being 'taken in' by another man's soft words and candlelight dinners. The truth is, we often know when we're being played, but we can't help responding to the gesture. We'd like it to be sincere so we convince ourselves that it is. And occasionally, the manipulative male becomes a victim of his own techniques and falls for the woman he set out to victimize.

But we all know that falling for romantic gestures isn't a sign of weakness. A woman can muster huge wells of strength and resourcefulness when the situation calls for it. Some women get addicted to this power and let go of the so-called feminine side of their natures. Others realize that you can have both.

This story illustrates the power of small romantic gestures:

Barbara and her husband John often talked about their pasts, especially the time when they were small children. In the course of one particular conversation, Barbara described a beautiful old-fashioned pencil case her mother gave her when she first started school. She hadn't thought about the case in years, but at the time it was one of her most treasured possessions.

Six months later, John was browsing in a specialty store when he came across a pencil case that matched Barbara's description. He immediately bought it and presented it to her that night.

Barbara was delighted with his gift and amazed that John had recalled their conversation. To her the gift was magical. It felt as if John had restored a little piece of her childhood.

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