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Are You A Flower Romantic?

There are many ways to be romantic with flowers but sometimes it helps to know what works for other people. Armand at Romantic Gift Ideas Online has some very definite ideas about how to be romantic. Here is his take on being romantic with flowers:

Being a 'flower romantic' is one way to show how much you really care for someone. You might wonder what a flower romantic is. What qualifies a person to be called a flower romantic?

A flower romantic is “a person capable of using flowers as a tool for expressing their feelings to their significant other in any way, shape or form.”

Which leads us to the next question: do you qualify as a flower romantic? Well, let me ask you a question. Have you ever given flowers to a girlfriend or boyfriend? To a husband or wife? To a significant other? Or to a special friend?

If you've given flowers to another person for any reason at all, doesn't that qualify you as a romantic?

Of course it does!

Here are some further ways to say 'I love you' with flowers.

10 Creative Ways To Be A Flower Romantic

  1. Send a virtual flower to your wife or lover.

  2. Visit your lover at work on her lunch break and personally give her a long red rose in a box. Then surprise her with a room full of flowers when she gets home that night. Save this one for a special occasion.

  3. Take your lover on a picnic in the nearest botanical gardens, or in a park where you're surrounded by beautiful, bright and colorful flowers.

  4. If you're out walking together and you see a beautiful flower that's different from the rest, pick it and offer it to her or put it behind her ear.

  5. Handpick a variety of wildflowers and give them to her.

  6. Take a picture of the most exotic and rarest flower you know, then write a poem on the back of the photo. Sign it and give it to her. You can also frame it if you want.

  7. Collect dried flowers and make a potpourri. Give it to her as a gift.

  8. Flatten a variety of flower petals in a book. Place them inside a card for her or spread them all over her bed.

  9. Buy some colorful flowers and spread them on the floor at home, making a path that she can follow to lead her exactly where you want her to go. Have a treat prepared.

  10. This is the most significant and most creative way to be a “flower romantic”. Number 10 has been intentionally left blank so you can think of the most creative way to be a flower romantic. Get your creative juices flowing and make sure that number 10 is the best suggestion of all.

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