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How To Use Floating Candle Bowls

Floating candle bowls create a special kind of mood. Maybe it's the charm of candlelight, or perhaps it's the combination of candles, water and decorative elements, but there's magic in the air when you enhance a room with floating candle bowls. Jacqui Peterson explains how to use floating candle bowls to create a romantic evening, and reveals why they make great gifts for that special person in your life.

floating candle bowls

Candles are romantic. No one can deny that fact. But can you take that a step further? What can you add to candles to make them the ultimate romantic gift?


Water is the element of emotion. And fire represents passion. You can combine this pair of nature's most basic elements into a special display by creating floating candle bowls. Just imagine the gentle glow of three or four small candles floating in a crystal bowl, the flame's reflection in the water creating a pool of luminance. Perfect for a romantic evening at home.

As you sit close to your lover, let your mind be drawn by the flickering flames down into the crystal clear water. Floating candle bowls create such a sense of peace and harmony that you'll share an evening to remember.

Choose Candles To Create Your Mood

Whether you're creating your own floating candle bowls or buying one ready made, you must first decide on the type of candle you want. Floating candles come in a variety of shapes and colors to create just the mood or atmosphere you're aiming for. Hearts and stars can be very stylish for that special romantic occasion. And don't look past the simple elegance of white or cream round candles glowing with a pure radiance. If you're in doubt about what to choose, it's best to opt for simple.

You might also consider something fun and light-hearted. If your partner has a passion for butterflies, add a pair of butterfly shaped candles to your floating candle bowls. They'll appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Floating candles also come in rose, zinnia and other flower shapes. Choose one or more floating candles bowls and present them to your loved one on a special occasion. Try this as an alternative to the traditional romantic gifts of flowers or chocolate.

For a lover with modern tastes, you can buy floating candles shaped as rocks, and embossed with the Japanese letters for friendship, happiness, wealth or love. A perfect complement to modern minimalist décor.

Add A New Dimension To Your Floating Candle Bowls

You can add more than just candles to water when creating floating candle bowls.

Have you thought of placing small quartz crystals in the bottom of the bowl? The reflection from the flames will create a prism effect in the water and surrounding area. Imagine your hands reaching across the table to your partner's, bathed in rainbow hues.

A layer of colored stones or natural pebbles adds a special effect and creates just the right mood. Add a drop of color in the water to create subtle highlights. Make sure the bowl isn't plastic or it will stain.

By changing the candle shapes and adding extra objects you can use your floating candle bowls to create a whole different feel and atmosphere in a room. Look around your partner's home or living space to get some ideas on what they will appreciate most.

It's All In The Bowl

Don't neglect the impact of the right shaped bowl. Choose a small bowl designed for a single candle for that truly intimate effect. Or create drama by placing a number of large floating candle bowls, each containing three to five candles, at different locations around the room.

You also have the choice of pedestal bowls or a variety of stands. Group these together with several shallow floating candle bowls for a three-dimensional display of light.

Double-walled bowls offer an easy way to add extra aspects. Place flowers, leaves or even small photos between the two walls of the bowl. You can create your own special frame for your candles to suit the occasion. The ideas are only limited by your imagination.

Remember, the more personal you make a gift, the more romantic it will be. By carefully choosing the elements in your floating candle bowls, you'll ensure that your gift will make that special someone feel loved and appreciated. Small personal touches make a gift truly memorable.

In the future you can give the person a few new candles to add to their floating candle bowl as a small reminder of that wonderful evening or event. And to show you'd like to “re-light” the romance.

About the Author
Jacqui Peterson is a freelance copywriter from Melbourne, Australia. She has recently created her own hobby web site, Classic Quilts Guide.

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