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For many people, a romantic celebration isn't complete without a glass of champagne. The image of a breathless suitor armed with a huge bouquet of flowers and a bottle of French champagne is a popular romantic cliché. Which doesn't make it any less impressive for the woman receiving this kind of attention.

Champagne has been used for centuries to celebrate birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and other special occasions. No other wine is so strongly associated with joy and festivity. Champagne always makes a highly appreciated gift, whether it's presented as a brightly wrapped bottle or as part of a champagne gift basket.

romantic gift champagne

Here are some tips for enjoying champagne at its best:

  • Never chill champagne in the freezer as this will lessen its aroma and taste. Use an ice bucket or cooler instead.

  • Always keep your champagne glasses at room temperature. Chilling them will reduce the effervescence.

  • Always tilt your champagne bottle on a 45° angle before opening and make sure you aim it away from people and breakable objects.

  • Use traditional champagne crystal glasses as they add a sense of occasion.

  • Look for large bubbles in the wine unless you're drinking vintage champagne. Bubbles shrink as the wine ages.

  • Use a champagne stopper to preserve effervescence once the bottle has been opened. Other methods won't work as effectively.

  • Buy a carton of champagne and keep it on hand for special occasions such as passing a test, landing a promotion, winning an award, buying a house, having a child, and other important events in your own or your lover's life.

  • Toasting each other's good fortune with champagne is a powerful anchor that strengthens the bond of any relationship. Use it often.

  • Include champagne whenever you pamper your lover with a romantic breakfast in bed. Mix it with orange juice if you prefer.

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