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A Romantic Gift For Your Car Lover

Ever since Henry Ford introduced the Model T, people around the world have had love affairs with their cars.

Whether it's your first clunker, the latest model four wheel drive or a sexy sports car, a car is your ticket to freedom, your ability to get away from where you are and go someplace else.

margo's firebird

While some people take them for granted and see them only as a means of transport, many of us know better. A car can be your portable office or your home away from home; just look in the trunks of many cars and see what kinds of items people haul around with them. It can be a means of escape - from drudgery, boredom, conflict or a lifestyle you no longer want. And it can serve as a symbol, whether of your success, rebellion, mid-life crisis or plain good taste.

If you have a car lover in your life, you might want to consider a gift for their 'baby'. There are interesting car accessories available, from designer car seat covers to mobile phone holders and iPods. Or you can organize to have a new state-of-the-art CD player installed.

If your partner's a fan of car racing, you can organize tickets to the nearest event or buy a subscription to the best car-racing magazine. Choose DVDs on the best movies about the sport. Take a look at our page on Creating the Perfect Day for more ideas on indulging your partner's passion for cars.

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