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Art - A Feast For The Eyes

Art has the ability to affect our emotions in a very direct way. We look at a painting or photograph and we have an instant, almost visceral reaction to it. We either love it or hate it, or it leaves us unmoved. Even when we 'like' a painting, we are describing a warm, positive feeling. Artists may prefer a more extreme response, but the main consideration when buying a piece of art or a photograph for someone we love is that it adds something positive to their lives.

As with selecting any romantic gift, there are a number of factors you need to take into account. First of all, you need to know the person's tastes, what sort of art or visual images move them, excite them, enchant them or soothe them. You also need to know where the art image will fit best in their environment. Do they have a space on their living room wall where the piece will light up the room? Do the colors work with their existing décor and preferences? Will the style suit their furniture or the type of apartment or house they live in?

A Picaso reproduction may look great with minimalist furniture in a colourful apartment but clash in a room furnished with dark antiques. A movie poster may suit a casually decorated house but look out of place in a pink, girlish bedroom. Then again, there are ways of making these seeming incongruities work, often by adding some small accessories (like candles or vases) in blending colors. The best place for inspiration along those lines is scouring the quality home decorating magazines.

Naturally it's easier if your spouse or lover has a favorite artist or photographer, or if they love a particular style of art or imagery. If you're in the relationship for the long haul, you'll want to learn their preferences in this area, assuming you don't know them already. Chances are there'll be one birthday or Christmas at some stage in your time together when giving this type of gift will seem like the right choice. A work of art, a sculpture or a framed photograph will be an ongoing source of pleasure and enjoyment.

It makes an excellent gift for a special occasion.

Some Additional Art Gift Ideas

Art lovers often enjoy browsing through a book featuring full-color reproductions of their favorite artist's work. Some can linger for hours, finding inspiration, solace or a sense of peace from contemplating the work of genius.

If your art lover fits into this category, try sourcing a large, beautiful book on their best-loved artist or photographer. You might also find picture postcards, daytimers or calendars featuring the artist's work.

Of course if your art lover also paints, sculpts or takes photographs, you'll find a never-ending source of gift ideas in the area of supplies.

Finally, if your art fan has a literary bent, you can surprise him or her with a biography on his or her favorite artist. You might also consider a book featuring a collection of the artist's personal letters or writing, or the DVD of a movie biography or documentary on the artist.

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