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Affordable Romantic Weekend Getaways

In our fast-paced society, it's easy to get burned out and drained – and the last thing you want to do when this happens is spend your weekend at home, thinking about what's to come when you go back to work on Monday. So why not just pack your bags, leave the kids with the grandparents, and treat yourself and your sweetheart to one of many potential affordable romantic weekend getaways?

A weekend getaway is the perfect time to relax, rejuvenate yourselves, and reconnect in a comfortable environment that's far away from the pressures of life. And it doesn't have to cost a lot either.

Here are two widely differing affordable romantic weekend getaway ideas, both of which will leave you feeling refreshed and renewed, and ready to face your regular weekdays with energy and enthusiasm.

1. Roughing It

Canadian camping vacation
A romantic camping destination

This affordable romantic weekend getaway is perfect for when you just can't handle the busyness of the city anymore – so get back to nature! Grab your sweetheart, pack the tent and sleeping bags, pull out a state map… and drive away to the best campsite you can find! Make a quick trip to the supermarket and grab some supplies, make sure there's gas in the camp stove, and spend your weekend in some secluded woods – together. Camp sites usually don't cost more than $25 per night at the maximum, and this is a perfect opportunity for the two of you to have a little adventure at almost no hit to your budget.

2. Bite Into the Big Apple

New York vacation
The fabulous New York skyline

If you're looking for a chance to just walk around and take in the sights, zipping off to New York City for the weekend is a fantastic getaway choice, and you can usually find some great deals on airfare to New York City since it's such a popular destination. Once you get there, you also won't need to bother with transportation – use the subway or walk. Most of New York's best attractions are located within walking distance of each other, which is a chance for the two of you to stroll around the city, hand in hand, taking in the sights.

In many cases, you'll be able to find package deals that include both airfare and hotel at an excellent rate, though there are several lower-cost hotels located in Midtown Manhattan that you can find decent rates at if you search carefully online. Often, online booking will get you better rates than booking directly through the hotel – so don't be hasty!

Once you're there, New York has plenty to see and do at little to no extra cost, making a trip to New York City a truly affordable romantic weekend getaway! Spend an afternoon just strolling through the park, have lunch from a hot dog vendor, and admire the children as they play on the Alice in Wonderland monument! Then, take a trip on New York's greatest free attraction: ride the Staten Island Ferry from Battery Park, and sail past the Statue of Liberty and take in the views of the Manhattan skyline. Grab a bench and enjoy a romantic time at sea.

Then for just a few dollars, you can spend your last day taking in some of the Metropolitan Museum of Art – and while you'll only scratch the surface of their extensive collection in a few hours' time, it's alright… you'll want to save some things to do for the next time you visit.