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About Romantic Gift Ideas Online

Romantic Gift Ideas Online is the joint project of four very different individuals whose paths crossed several years ago on Australia's Gold Coast.

From time to time one of us would suggest doing a project together, but it wasn't until recently that we actually set aside time to discuss the idea. While chatting about the various interests we had in common, someone mentioned shopping, and we all agreed that buying gifts for the significant people in our lives was often a challenge. We realized then that other people might share that experience, and the Romantic Gift Ideas concept was born.

Our Purpose

The main purpose of Romantic Gift Ideas Online is to research and investigate both new and traditional romantic gift ideas. We then write an article on each idea and list the best sites we've discovered that offer related products. This makes it easy for our visitors to follow through on an romantic gift idea once they've decided it might be what they're looking for.

The interesting thing about doing this project is that we're continually discovering new ways to express romantic feelings through gifts. The only drawback is the speed at which we can summarize our research into an article and post it on the web site. We typically research any number of ideas at one time, with each at varying stages of completion. Aside from conducting research online, we also make a point of interviewing store owners and consumers, because we prefer to include some 'bricks-and-mortar-world' input in our summaries.

So if you find yourself at a loss for romantic gift ideas when shopping for the person who 'has everything', take a few minutes to browse our site. We're constantly adding new pages so you should find something to stimulate your imagination.

How We Fund Romantic Gift Ideas Online

Because we don't sell any products ourselves, we cover the costs of maintaining the site by joining affiliate (commission-based) programs. Our policy is that if a site we've approved for our Recommended lists offers an affiliate program, we join.

Although many of the sites we recommend don't offer programs, we choose to include them in our listings because they offer superior products. Our purpose is to recommend useful sites, regardless of whether we make a commission or not. If we only recommended sites with affiliate programs, we'd lose our credibility very quickly.

Meet The Romantic Gift Ideas Team

Armand Aguillon
Armand was born in the Philippines but moved to Australia with his sisters in 1989.

He is presently completing his final year of an International Business degree at Griffith University on the Gold Coast. Along with his studies Armand has taken a number of diverse jobs in his quest to explore new experiences. In his teens, he worked as an actor and dancer in the Australian film industry, and while studying for his degree sold life insurance policies for a major corporation. He also did a six-month stint as a blackjack dealer at Conrad Jupiter's Casino in order to study the psychology of gambling. With his business partner, Steve Crosman, Armand organized the 2003 Health & Well Being Expo at Parklands Showgrounds on the Gold Coast.

Armand is a keen basketball player and martial arts student, with a black belt in karate. He also loves to cook, specializing in Asian cuisines. As well as doing research on romantic gift ideas, Armand's main focus is on bringing traffic to the site.

Margo Bonneville
Although Margo has a degree in English and Drama, she spent most of her life in the psychology and personal development fields. She is a Master NLP Practitioner and Trainer, and is presently focused on communicating through the Internet. She has also worked at various times in the US and Australian film industries.

Margo was born in Melbourne but moved to the Gold Coast when she was eight. After graduating from University she spent many years living in Canada and the USA and has travelled extensively in Europe.

Her interests include film, writing, music, languages, psychology, metaphysics and health. Margo researches romantic gift ideas in shopping centers and on the Internet.

Garry Phipps
Born in Brisbane, Queensland, Garry so yearned for the beach lifestyle that he moved to the Gold Coast at the tender age of three, bringing with him a younger brother. And as his mother and father didn't wish to get left behind, they tagged along as well.

Garry attended public schools at Burleigh Heads and Miami, and worked after school in the retail industry once he reached his teens. He worked his way through University in similar jobs, attending the University of Queensland in Toowoomba and attaining a Business Degree in Information Technology.

Garry then moved to Canberra, where he worked with cutting edge technology in the IT industry. He took time off to travel the world, curious to discover new cultures and gain an appreciation of the different ways people live. In 1998 he lived for a time in Europe, contracting his services to international communications companies.

Garry has now settled on the Gold Coast where he runs a successful IT business and gains great pleasure in giving back to the community through a monthly financial education program he organizes.

He leads an active life with keen interests in volleyball, swimming and running. Garry is the IT specialist for Romantic Gift Ideas Online and also researches gift ideas for men.

Roslyn Schwarz
Roslyn was born in Ceduna, a small town in South Australia, but moved to the Gold Coast in 1998.

In her teens, Ros spent a year in Japan as an exchange student and later lived in Tokyo for 18 months on a working holiday. Upon returning to Australia she moved to the Gold Coast and now teaches English to Japanese clients on a part-time basis. Ros is in the process of setting up an English School online.

A great believer in romance, Ros jumped at the chance to work on the web site. She enjoys studying Japanese, listening to music, watching good movies and gourmet cooking. Ros is constantly researching new romantic gift ideas as well as setting up our affiliate relationships.