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Romantic Gifts Ideas for Friends and Lovers

coupleRomance isn't just for special occasions. Acting on a romantic gift idea can breathe new life into a relationship that's settled into complacency. Naturally you shouldn't overlook the important events in your lover's life, but you don't need to wait for those major events to show someone you care.

If you're looking for great romantic gift ideas you've come to the right place, because our job is to help you choose the best gift for any occasion. In our articles you can take a look at the most popular gifts, discover why they're so popular, and get tips on how to make the best choices.

And no matter where you live, there's an online service that has just the gift you want. We're here to help you find it. Because we believe there can never be enough romance in the world.

Here are some of the most popular romantic gift ideas we look at on this site:

romantic gift idea art

heartArt & Posters

Art lovers appreciate nothing more than a gift related to their favorite artist or sculptor. Use your imagination to source letters, biographies, reproductions and even an original work by an artist your lover idolises. Here are some tips of choosing gifts for an art lover.


romantic gift idea books


How do books and romance mesh? Not only can you buy books on heating up your love life but you can also star in your own romance novel. Click here to learn how.


romantic gift idea candles


Candles are one of the most evocative romantic gifts. A burning candle is associated with romantic dinners, bubble baths and a host of sensual delights. Learn more about the amazing variety of candles and how to use them.


romantic gift idea chocolates


Most of us love chocolates, which is why they're such a popular romantic gift idea for both men and women. You can give chocolates in conjunction with another gift, or as part of a gift basket. Read about the health benefits of chocolate, as well as its amazing history.


romantic gift idea flowers


Everybody loves flowers. But it's important to know what message they convey. Learn the meaning of roses with regard to their various colors. And find out if you qualify to be a ' flower romantic'.


romantic gift idea gourmet basket

heartGourmet Baskets

Indulge your senses of taste and smell with a decadent gourmet food basket. A food and wine basket is a fabulous gift to share with your lover, or to send long distance when you can't be together on a special occasion. Learn how gourmet foods can spice up your relationship.


romantic gift idea jewelry


Jewelry is the ultimate romantic gift. A well-chosen piece of quality jewelry will be treasured forever. Click here to identify your birthstone and zodiac stone, and learn more about gemstones. Check our anniversary list for the gems associated with each milestone event.


romantic gift idea lingerie


If you want to transform that demure woman into a tiger, think sexy lingerie. There's no better way to heat up your love life and bring out your partner's wild side. Wearing beautiful lingerie is also a great way for women to pamper themselves and tap into their 'inner vamp'.


romantic gift idea movies


Even since moving pictures were invented, going to the movies has always been a popular date idea. It’s a great opportunity to share an emotionally moving experience with someone you love or want to know better. Click here for some great gift ideas for the movie lover in your life.


romantic gift idea music


Giving someone a CD of his or her favorite romantic music is always a surefire hit. Music engages the emotions like no other stimulus, which is why it's so necessary for setting a romantic mood. Click here for our list of popular romantic songs.


romantic gift idea perfume

heartPerfume & Cologne

Perfume and cologne are both great sensory stimuli and make excellent romantic gifts if you choose wisely. Click here to learn how to select the right perfume and the best cologne.


romantic gift idea star registry

heartThe Star Registry

Naming a star after the love of your life is one of the most romantic gifts you can ever give. To learn how this works, read our article on The Star Registry.


romantic gift idea wine


Wine lovers always appreciate a beautifully presented bottle of their favorite beverage or a gift basket which features it. Click here for some ideas on how to select the perfect wine gift for any occasion.